I remember my spiritual director during my 30-day Ignatian retreat talking about “crumbs.” In her attempt to encourage me to journal my prayers during the retreat, she likened journal entries to the act of saving the little crumbs that fall-off from eating bread or biscuits. She said that I don’t have to compose full written records of everything, but just the most striking points – not many words but much.I just have to take note (in my heart and in my journal) of the ways God has spoken to me in a particular and personal way. Crumbs are like that. These are the small particles that we take for granted. Sometimes, they go unnoticed or worse, discarded. I can journal bullet points, brief paragraphs, short sentences, I can draw, or whatever I want as long as I save and savor the crumbs, she said. SAVE AND SAVOR even just the crumbs. They are traces of God’s presence.

We are mere beggars for God’s grace and every little bit of God’s gifts is valuable to us, she added. She’s right. It’s easy to miss God’s promptings and blessings if I don’t take an effort to notice them. It’s easy to forget them if I don’t stop and savor what God has given. The crumbs are valuable. Thank you, Ms. Daisy. Tumatak sa akin ang advice mo. This project is borne out of your advice.

We in faithcrumbs.org are a community of crumb-savers, if you will. We are friends who share our crumbs to each other. Sometimes, we do it without even planning or meaning to. The crumbs just fall off from our hearts. We pick-up each other’s crumbs and savor it. We thought of gathering the crumbs we receive so that we can share them to you and savor them with you. As we collect what we have, may they be enough for all of us.

Sometimes, the “faithcrumbs” that we take for granted can be someone’s spiritual nourishment. Whatever journey you have and wherever you are in your faith life, may you pick up something here. I hope that some faithcrumbs are enough to “start you off” in the journey and even to keep you going and growing in life.

I believe that whatever meager things we offer to God, he makes it enough. He makes it more than enough. He multiplies it and makes it RICH, ABUNDANT, and OVERFLOWING. You got it. It’s just like the feeding of the multitude (Cf. Mt 14:13-21, Mk 6:30-44, Lk 9:10-17, Jn 6:1-5)

At the very least, through our little ambagan, may you feel that life has a meaning, and it’s worth living. In this space, we share pictures, poems, blogs, reflections, homilies, prayers, and anything that strikes us deep in our hearts and makes us realize that perhaps there is a God who knows me, saves me, and loves me.

I also believe that God is a gathering God. He brings people and everything together. Let us come together, gather whatever humble crumbs we find, give thanks, and share it with one another.

by Joseph Vincent Borres

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