Oh, Diana!

by Sr. Joy De Vera, RA

Diana is a child beggar in Katipunan footbridge. I usually see her seated in a corner every Tuesday morning with her dirty dress. I like her smile and twinkling big eyes which I see every time I pass by. Since I already knew her schedule, I make it a point to buy her candies and cookies to delight her day. 

Then here comes early Monday morning of the examination week. I was hurrying up to catch the morning mass in Ateneo College Chapel because in that afternoon I will have my midterm exam. I had 5 small pieces of donut as a stress-reliever snack when I unexpectedly met Diana on the footbridge. A voice within me says give her the donuts. But another voice says, but it’s your favorite snack. You only reward yourself once, you deserve to keep it.

I gave Diana only 2 pieces of it, not all. But I was so surprised by her remarks afterward. Her eyes were glowing and she was thankful. Then, she’s trying to utter words which I did not understand since my ears were partly covered by my veil. I asked her to repeat what she’s trying to say. Though I noticed the struggle in talking but she continually tried. When I asked her to repeat it for the third time, I seated next to her and tried to uncover my ears. I was astounded with the words she uttered, “Thank you po! Nakikita ko si Jesus sa’yo!”. I just looked at her in the eyes. Held her head to bless her. And I said, “Totoo? Salamat ha! Pakabait ka!” Then, I walked away immediately trying to hold my tears.

I was crying to God in prayer. I realized that like those little donuts, there are still little things that I am trying to hold on to. But God doesn’t take it against me. The Lord continually affirms through the words of that child beggar. God is merciful and kind, that despite my tendency to “hold on,” he still assures me that “I am on my way to get there”.  My prayer and desire is to be like Jesus – free, always available and always ready to give His all!

Indeed, when you become at home to be joyfully detach, it’s His way to lead you to grace and freedom.

How about you? What are the things that you are trying to hold on to? Are you willing to be joyfully detach from these little things to freely receive the Spirit of freedom and generosity that lasts?

Lord, give us the grace to be joyfully detached to the little things, so we can freely embrace your plans and your ways which are more meaningful than  what we are trying to hold on to.
*photo from The Peach Kitchen

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