When I had my community exposure in Assumption Antipolo, one of the school activities that put me in awe was their “DEAR time”. It is a set scheduled time, where everyone in the school community will Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R).

So, when I was invited to give a morning talk to grade 11, I shared with them how fascinated am I with their practice. On the other hand, I shared with them, that sisters have the same version of it. Maybe to parallel it with their practice, I call it “DEAR OMG” time.

DEAR OMG means:

Drop Everything And Reconnect;

Drop Everything And Recollect;

Drop Everything And Reflect;

…with our One Mighty God!

Our prayer time is our DEAR OMG time.

We pause to reconnect, recollect and reflect!

Our prayer time is our non-negotiable as Sisters. It is our time that we Drop Everything And Remind ourselves that in whatever mission that we are busying ourselves with, it’s all for Jesus and for the extension of His Kingdom.  That whatever encounter we have — whether good or bad, we entrust them to God. We are commissioned to be the vessel of His grace. This is His work, not ours.

Whether it be a 45-minute silence in the morning at the chapel, or to chant the psalms of the Liturgy of the Hours from lauds, midday, vespers and compline or to Adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament Expose in silence or to worship him by partaking our share of the bread in the Eucharist. These kind of prayer and worship are ways of reconnecting us to renew our Spirit and to always persevere in following Jesus’ ways and truth.

It is always worth it to Drop Everything And Reconnect/Recollect and Reflect!

It is truly refreshing to have a rhythm of pauses and to go back to our Source — our OMG! In this way, we can be filled up with renewed enthusiasm and grace to do His mission that He is entrusting to us!

How about you? Do you have your DEAR OMG time too? If you haven’t find the right prayer rhythm that is suitable for your lifestyle…I guess, it’s not too late to schedule to set the perfect time where you can “waste time” with our Dear OMG!

Dear God, May we find joy in reconnecting with you every moment of everyday. May we learn to fully trust your way and may we always have a heart filled with gratitude and awe to the graces and love that we receive from you. Amen.

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