Are you attracted to POGI or drawn to P.O.G.I?

by Sr. Joy De Vera, RA

Pope Francis says that young people today are attracted to beauty. Who is not attracted to it? There is, however, a big difference between attraction and being drawn.

Most of the “marketing” books that I have read would emphasize the importance of branding, packaging and positioning. This is also based on my sales and marketing experience in the last 10-years. If you want your product to move out from the shelves, you need to merchandise it properly, advertise it, and think of awesome promotion. Do these and you’ll definitely get your target!

I think this is the same with people. For some women I know (including me when I was still outside the convent), we spend most of the time in the parlor or in front of the mirror to put on that perfect “kilay” and lipstick to get attention that will lead to attraction. You want people to notice your beauty! But as I move forward in formation, I learned that make-up cannot really mask up the truth. The true beauty of a person doesn’t rely on the externals. It is a heart-filled with compassion. The true beauty of a person is within because it is the dwelling place of God. It is the beauty of being ordinary. It is the beauty of not seeking attention for your own, but drawing their attention to look at what’s within you, even at the ugly part of you, and there they will see the Glory of God! How God’s amazing beauty transforms you! It is the beauty of seeing the Presence Of God Inside (P.O.G.I)

When I look at the Cross, I’m not attracted to the way Jesus’ suffered, but I am drawn to love the way He loved until death! Yes, it’s true, no one is attracted to suffering. But I am drawn to Jesus who suffer with those who are suffering! All of us are truly attracted with joy and beauty. But I am more drawn to the joy of Jesus who embraces the beast in us to bring out the best of who we really are:  Our identity as the CHILDREN of God! So beautiful indeed! So, have hope!

P.O.G.I is real without the external… but within!

Fall in love with P.O.G.I (Presence Of God Inside)

through the heart of the poor, the broken, the wounded!

And energize the “P.O.G.I.” in you!

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