Tita Jenny’s Trust in God

As a frontliner…as a nurse working in the intensive care unit…I have fears…I feel anxoius…I struggle to go to work…I struggle to wear and work with PPE for many hours

BUT today I was reminded that instead of Looking down…I need to LOOK up and PRAY MORE and TRUST GOD🙏❤️

To be: 

T-thankful and grateful with so many things. God has blessed me with so much.

R-est in God. I just need to surrender all my fears, concerns and anxieties; and be peaceful for He is in control of every situation.

U-plift others. Be an encourager and use the gifts I have to inspire and help others.

S-pread the Good News. God has already won the Victory for us. He died for our sins that we may have the chance of Eternal life. We can definitely entrust to Him our lives.

T-ravail in Praying🙏🙏🙏 Pray unceasingly…Pray until something happens…God will answer our prayer if it is in accordance to His Holy Will “It’s all in Your Loving Hands now LORD”.

We continue to TRUST.

Jenny Razon or “Tita Jenny” is a Filipina nurse in the United Kingdom.

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