Now I Know

by Ethiel C. Roxas, AA

As I walk in the same route going to the marketplace,
I saw a child sleeping half-naked near a store.
I looked at the sky and ask, “Why, Lord, do you allow this?”
And the sun continues to shine.

All the things I see and hear in the news are all frustrations,
Pandemic, hunger, violence and corruptions.
I looked at the sky and ask, “Lord, do you really care?”
And the wind gently blows to dance and sway.

My phone rings after the evening meal, a female voice is crying,
Asking for help for her children are starving.
I looked at the sky and ask, “Are you still there, Lord?”
And the stars merrily shine against the dark abode.

The sleeping half- naked child, the problems of life,
An endless search continues against the pandemic of life.
Selfishness and blindness to the cries of many,
Is more deadly than the virus that is killing many.

Now I know Lord, why you created me.
I am your face today, your arms and your word.
Teach me what I have to do and help me,
To see you in my fellow and build you a better world.

Ethiel C. Roxas is a Religious brother of the Augustinians of the Assumption and currently studying Bachelor of Theology at Loyola School of Theology.

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