Just Smile

by Jen Umpad

Smile! (click! click! click!)

We know what this is, we automatically put our best angle when someone took a picture. Smiling is a default expression when someone calls your name, we got hooked with a famous star who has a perfect smile. Filipinos are known to be happy people because of its contagious smiles amidst life’s daily battles.

But did you know when heaven smiles? It smiles through nature; a beautiful sky, the whistle of the wind, the heat of the sun, the refreshing rain. It smiles because our MAKER up there is staring down at us and captures every move we make here on Earth. Our only task is to make Him smile often; God smiles when we talk to Him, when we help someone in need, when we choose to forgive, when we live our life to the fullest.
A smile costs nothing but changes everything.

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