by Ethiel Canlas

Lord, allow us to open our hearts to you,

Over our worries and fear a new.

Comfort us with your gentle words,

King of our lives, bless our plans, thoughts and words.

Downcast is our souls with the uncertainties of life,

Order us to live each day without the strife.

Watch over our fellow whose hope wearies out,

Never let their faith in you weakens out.

Quarantine Lord, our restless and troubled spirits and help us,

Under your care, watch and protect us.

Allow us to go beyond the boundaries of our selfishness,

Revitalize us with your love and selflessness.

Animate us to help those in need,

Nourish us with wisdom that we need.

Take our hands and show us the way,

In this battlefield where life and death sway.

Never abandon us in this fight,

Enable us to see you always, O Bearer of true light.

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