A Piece of Reality

by Ethiel Roxas, AA

Ethiel Roxas, aa

“Life”, they say “is short and passing,”
But as I see it, “Death comes only once and life is long-lasting.”
It is only in the eyes of who is looking,
To see reality from the point of thinking.

To say that life is full of pain is bias,
To say that life is full of joy is not reality.
Life is a mixture of joy and pain,
That makes it meaningful to live again and again.

How can one see pain as a blessing?
It is to embrace it as a lover is caressing.
How can we see joy as a way of living?
It is by living a life of sharing and giving.

Today, we see life as a road without an end,
Many are worried where it will end.
Many failed to enjoy life, its joy, and pain,
Counting more their pains than the blessings they gained.

To live our reality now is to embrace the “new normal,”
Adjusting our values and priorities for survival.
Only three things remain in this new way of living,
Love God, care for others and live a life as a blessing.

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