Vine and Branches

by Ethiel Roxas,aa

I am the vine and you are the branches,
Everything you do depends on your choices.
Jesus is the vine and we are the branches,
If we stick by His side, we will never feel meaningless aches.

The soil where the vine was planted,
Is a gift from a God who never regretted.
Though many branches do not bear good fruits,
He patient prune them to make good offshoots.

Today, we must take to heart this parable,
God is our caretaker until we are able.
To bear good fruits amidst the pains of life,
To see life’s meaning in the midst of strife.

This pandemic is just one of those pests,
That may hinder us to be the best.
Just remember that God sometimes gives us a test,
To make strong among the rest!

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