Ethiel C. Roxas, aa

Reaching the stars that are scattered in the wide skies,

Opening hearts and minds where the mystery of life lies.

Allowing God’s compassion to cover the strife,

Doing God’s will to discover the meaning of life.

Learning in this world will give a temporary height,

Everything changes at the spark of a light.

Search for faith that will re-create the heart.

Search for the truth that will make us part.

Today and each day, Christ calls us to seek,

Reaching out His hands, especially to the weak.

Answering our prayers the way He knows best,

Valuing our dignity more than the rest.

Enriching us with His grace that gives life,

Loving us until the end of our earthly life.

Let us travel, O Lord to the road of your Kingdom.

Enables us with your strength and wisdom,

Direct our steps to this less travelled road of eternal freedom.

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