Ethiel C. Roxas, aa

Make us sacred, O Heart of Jesus,

Symbol of your presence and power.

Let the fire that comes from your love,

Clear my mind and transform my life.

O Heart that never falter to heal,

Grant me serenity to seek your will.

O Heart that is human and fragile,

Teach me wisdom from your caring smile.

From your cross, your heart was broken,

Yet forgiveness is what you spoken.

In the resurrection, your heart sow peace,

Bring us to us your peace when we cease.

O Heart of Jesus, our very heart and being,

Strengthen us in this journey to be daring.

To extend our hands in caring,

To offer our lives in loving.

Heart of Jesus, I wish only one thing,

To be you and see you in all things.

And when comes my time of passing,

Call my name so I may enter life everlasting.

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