God’s Amazing Waze

By: Sr. Joy A. De Vera, RA

One of the best app that I used during my restless years before entering the convent was the WAZE App. It helps me a lot to navigate the best route to take in my lost and found maze especially in Greater Manila Area and other parts of Luzon.

This app helps me discover what’s the best route to take.

Some were short-cuts while others are longer routes.

Some route will lead me to traffic jam, while some will lead me to faster lane.

There were funny and irritating moments, too!

These were moments when I was so preoccupied and missed to hear clearly the voice prompt that instructs what is the next turn to take.

This will lead me to take an hour longer or more in my estimated time of arrival to my preferred destination.

However, I’m still grateful because surely, I will still reach the place I planned to go.

Moreover, when there were times when it seems that I’m getting lost, I will just refresh the app and it will give me several suggested routes just to bring me back on track.

Other feature of the app that mesmerized me were the helpful Waze users – a community of drivers that gives updates and warnings to one another. We give each other a heads up if there’s troubles ahead. Posting messages like, “Move to the extreme left, there’s an accident 500 meters away!” This helpful warning will save me from horrible traffic jam or even from a police check point on my coding days.

As I reflected the awesome feature of this app, it led me to ponder and somehow parallel it with God’s Amazing Waze (Ways) in my journey.

“God’s Waze” is more fun and truly filled with adventure because it is something that I cannot predict. His route suggestion is always new and unexpected in my radar.

“God’s Waze” can lead me to disturbance while others will lead me to His peace.

There were moments that I find it hard to listen to His voice prompts especially when I allowed other voices to navigate me.

Despite of it all, “Giving-up” is not listed in God’s vocabulary words. As I try to stop or choose my instinct call instead of following His voice prompt, God will refresh my thoughts with the consolations of the past to fill my “trust” tank that He is in control. He will refill and refuel my faith, so I will not stop in persevering to follow His Waze.

In prayer, I am consoled that God knows and understands that my restlessness is a longing for a true rest in His embrace.

“God’s waze” is not dependent on signal or WiFi to work. I can always get connected with Him, especially in the inward recesses of my soul.

In God’s Waze, He provides people that I needed in the journey who are filled with spiritual wisdom. These people are like road signs that serves as a reminder when my soul seems to get lost in the maze and be saved from a possible sinful trace.

And if there were times that I was caught up to some dead ends brought about by sinful trace, and I do not know what to do anymore, His faithfulness and promises never fails!

He always finds ways to show me the right ways!

This is how “God’s Waze” work!

May we all persevere to listen to His Spirit promptings and allow His navigation . God’s Ways are always better than our ways – may we learn to trust His unpredictable Ways… not just for a moment, but always!

Lord, we beg You, never get tired to show us the right Waze away from the maze through Your infinite grace and Your Amazing Waze.

“For the heavens are as high above the earth,

As My Ways are above your Ways…”

Isaiah 55:9

Photo credit: http://www.waze.com

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