An Open Expression of the True Situation of the Filipinos in the Philippines Dear Brothers and Sisters: I am writing this to address my Filipino brothers and sisters who are living in the Philippines like me. As I was listening to the 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Duterte, I had the... Continue Reading →


Ethiel Canlas Roxas, aa Beyond all things we see today, Everything will change and sway, All that we used to do will passed away, Under the blue skies, God’s creation will renew. This pandemic has been teaching us to consider, Inhaling the “new normal,” looking up beyond there. Fulfilling our purpose of living, United in... Continue Reading →


Ethiel Canlas Roxas, AA Many events happened around us now a days, And the sun seems darkened by their sways. Reckoning the peace our last hope, Yearning that a better tomorrow will help us cope. Morning by morning, the unanswerable question remains, And the problems of life seem to makes us strain. Gladly, our faith... Continue Reading →

Childish and Childlike

15th WEEK IN ORDINARY TIMEMt. 11:25-27 When I got my regular position in my first job (actually my first, last and the only job I had for 7 years), I became the youngest among the group. Being the youngest, my immediate superior would always say openly that I was her favorite. Besides of being hardworking,... Continue Reading →

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