An Open Expression of the True Situation of the Filipinos in the Philippines

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I am writing this to address my Filipino brothers and sisters who are living in the Philippines like me. As I was listening to the 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Duterte, I had the opportunity also to recall all the SONAs of the Presidents of my time (Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo, Benigno Aquino, Jr, and Rodrigo Duterte). A common denominator of all their speeches is that the Philippines nation is a great nation. Indeed, even our fallen heroes of time past risked their lives for this belief: The free Philippines is a great nation!

I will not be academic in this writing, but I will share what I know are the three major roots of our problems as a nation. You may not agree with me, but they are fruits of my analysis since the time I was still a student leader until now.

1.       Majority of us Filipinos are LAZY. Our laziness is rooted in our mindset that others may do things for us. What we care only what will make us comfortable and what will protect our property. It is not bad to be comfortable and to be protected but it leads us to GREED in all areas of our daily life. We interpret our close family ties value as our ticket to laziness. Sorry to say, the foreigners who came here to colonize us are VERY SUCCESSFUL IN MAKING US CONTENT THAT WE ARE SLAVES AND NOT WORTHY TO BE FREE. Sorry to say, the proof of this is what WE ARE TODAY!

2.      Many of us, Filipinos are DIRTY both inside and outside. I heard many people saying bad things about each president in the past and at present. They blame the government for everything, but after blaming they will continue to throw trashes everywhere, smoke here and there, and even destroy other Filipinos for a profit of their businesses. Many of us go to rally and leave our garbage for the government employees to clean! We want others will do it for us! This is for us FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! To destroy the environment, to make men and women as sex objects in hidden places, to make the poor as robots when they are needed, and what is worst, we use the name of GOD to kill other people, THIS IS FOR US WHAT IT IS TO BE FREE!

3.      Most of us, Filipinos are CORRUPT from childhood. Heaven is crying because we boast of our Filipino identity as a Catholic country. But in truth, from the beginning of our social life, in grade school, we learn how to CHEAT because many of our teachers do think that numerical grades and their salaries are their noble jobs! Many teachers do not even know how to teach LIFE to their students. Many of them are selfish!!! Until a student reaches the University level, what she or he will see and experience CORRUPTION TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL! Why did I use this example, because we thought Education will free us from poverty. Yes, it may free us from it but not from Corruption. It all started at school, from our very homes. In our dear country, CORRUPTION IS A PANDESAL THAT WE EAT IN THE MORNING. Our corruption is rooted in our mindset that others may do things for us– for our benefit! What is most saddening of all, many parents are teaching their innocent children how to be corrupt, and they call it SURVIVAL IN LIFE!

You may think that all I am saying are NEGATIVE about being a Filipino today. Yes, it is. I am also part of the problem. I am not going to share any POSITIVE thing by the way, because my purpose is to let you my dear countrymen, listen to what is really happening within and outside us.

I salute all the Filipinos who are not doing the things I mentioned above.

This pandemic will NOT easily end, because the true pandemic is already in each of us! The wounds must be recognized before healing. The viruses above do need strong vaccines of HUMILITY to accept that truth: THAT WE FILIPINOS ARE THE NUMBER 1 PROBLEM OF OUR DEAR NATIVE LAND. 

I am calling all Filipinos to reflect on these: WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP AND HELP OUR COUNTRY?


ETHIEL ROXAS, a filipino.

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