Remain in His Love

Daily Gospel Reflection
2 Dec 2020 (Mt.15:29-37)
Wednesday of the 5th Week of Advent

The Feeding of the Hungry Crowd
“My heart is moved with pity for the crowd, for they have been with me now for three days and have nothing to eat.”

There are many problems being felt now by the poor in our society. The time of pandemic is even making life more difficult. People could not easily move around to look for a living. And the closures of many establishments are limiting the people in terms of income. “Life is difficult,” says the book The Road Less Travelled.

The situation of the people in the Gospel is more or less the same as of now. People are hungry, that is why they hold on to Jesus. They follow him with nothing. They rely on Him in their basic needs. And Jesus is responding to their needs even without asking him to do so. He is sensitive enough to understand them.

The hungry crowd is teaching us two things today. The first is to follow and remain in God for he knows our needs. The second is, know that he is a merciful God and he could not turn his back on us his people.

The season of advent is also a season for us to reflect on our relationship with him. There might be a call for us to remain in him. There might be a need for us to see his overflowing and unconditional love for us. Let us remain in him for he is compassionate.

“Remain in his love.”
 Rev. Alvin P. Manaois, SSS 

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