God As Our Foundation

Daily Gospel Reflection 3 Dec 2020 (Mt.7:21,24-27) St. Francis Xavier, priest (M)

“Everyone who listens to these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rocks.” There are people who are acting like pious saints infront of others and really we can appreciate them for that. There are people who in public are behaving well as if they do not know how to get angry. These types of people are reminding us of the presence of God to his people. However, later when we know them well we will also be shocked for some of them are just showing things to be appreciated but the reality is they also have their limitations. Worst of all others are just pretending to be good.

The Gospel of today is telling us about man’s effort to build a solid foundation of his life. This foundation is no other than, in God. This building of foundation in God is not just by claiming and pretending to be Christians but by practicing Christian virtues in spite of our limitations. This means that we need not hide or cover our true colors but by becoming true to ourselves and asking God to help us in our desire and effort to build a solid foundation of him in our hearts. This is a true foundation that when problems come we will remain. It is wrong to pretend to be good in front of God and of others when in reality we are not. God understands our limitations; he just wanted us to rely in him.

“You Lord is the potter and we are just clay in your hands. Mold us according to what you want.”

by Rev. Alvin Manaois, SSS

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