Minimum: Gratitude

Reflection: Third Sunday of Easter (18 April 2021) Minimum: Gratitude by Francis Miguel Panday It is not unknown to many, especially to those within our humble circle, that a third of our population in the seminary had been infected by COVID-19. One common reaction that rose aside from gloom was shock, paving the way for... Continue Reading →

Of Promises and Uncertainties

by Francis Miguel Panday When confronted with a great amount of uncertainty, we could barely think of anything, or we could barely think, at all. When the threat brought about by the pandemic spread all over the news, who among us did not experience this profound disorientation? Despair? “How, then?” “What now?” “How will I... Continue Reading →

They walk with a weight of another’s heart beating. Now we remember.


by Francis Miguel Panday Magtataka ka,paligid ay tahimik,ba’t ‘di payapa? Francis is an incoming second year seminarian from the Diocese of Antipolo. *photo by Larry Monserate Piojo


by Francis Miguel Panday Sa labing-apat na buwanna hindi pagbuhos ng ulan,unti-unting nagbubuwag-buwagmga pira-piraso ng lupang naduwag. Gabi noon, nang muling magparamdam;nagbadyang muling makialam,magdulot ng bagong pakiramdamitong ulan na naglaho nang walang paalam. Mga patak na noo’y pigil na pigil,ngayo’y handang maningil.Kahit anong iwas ang gawinbabagsak at babagksak pa rinsa lupang hindi magtatagal aylilisanin pa... Continue Reading →


by Francis Miguel Panday I wanted to write something about lockdown, especially for a Filipino.Where do I even begin to write about the saddest summer of who-knows-when? Where do I find it in myself to start saying that I now dread these humid afternoons when I binge eat and watch series or download what would... Continue Reading →

Restless Heart

by Francis Miguel Panday In a time of pandemic, locked down in their homes, being lawfully enforced to quarantine themselves from substantially everything, one might not easily buy someone’s vocation story. But as unoccupied as anybody else, I wrote this hoping I could start off with my life as I cross another year in the... Continue Reading →

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