When You’re Ready

by Joseph Vincent Borres When you’re ready I’ll take you farFor you I’m waiting patientlyIt is I you long to seeWhen you go astray, let it beBut know that when you call on meI will rush like wind silentlyWhen you’re afraid don’t be unfreeFind your courage and be at peaceIt is I your Lord and... Continue Reading →

Vine and Branches

by Ethiel Roxas,aa I am the vine and you are the branches,Everything you do depends on your choices.Jesus is the vine and we are the branches,If we stick by His side, we will never feel meaningless aches. The soil where the vine was planted,Is a gift from a God who never regretted.Though many branches do... Continue Reading →

A “New Normal” Prayer

by Ethiel Roxas, AA Never did it cross my fragile and restless mind, O Jesus,Even in my dreams and horizon of my understanding,What is happening in my world today, the virus, and the challenges I am facing. Nevertheless, O my Lord, I know You are almighty,Our Victor over death, pain, uncertainty and calumny.Resurrection, love and... Continue Reading →

A Piece of Reality

by Ethiel Roxas, AA A PIECE OF REALITYEthiel Roxas, aa “Life”, they say “is short and passing,”But as I see it, “Death comes only once and life is long-lasting.”It is only in the eyes of who is looking,To see reality from the point of thinking. To say that life is full of pain is bias,To... Continue Reading →


by Ethiel Canlas Lord, allow us to open our hearts to you, Over our worries and fear a new. Comfort us with your gentle words, King of our lives, bless our plans, thoughts and words. Downcast is our souls with the uncertainties of life, Order us to live each day without the strife. Watch over... Continue Reading →


by Ethiel Canlas Roxas, AA Create a deeper awareness in me, O Lord,Over all that is happening in my world.Recreate in me a new spirit,Overwhelm me with the power of your Holy Spirit.Nurture in me a loving heart for the world,Always open to love, specially the poor and old. Vividly, call me on my knees... Continue Reading →

They walk with a weight of another’s heart beating. Now we remember.


by Ethiel Roxas, AA Parang telanobela ang buhay ngayon,Magkahalong takot at lungkot, pangamba at poot.Marami ang umaasang pinto ay agad na mabubuksan,Upang bumalik sa dati ang buhay na nakagisnan. Isyung panlipunan wala ng katapusan,Kahirapan, sigalot at boses ng tao’y niyuyurakan.Pati ang simbahang tanging pahingahan ng tanan,Ngayon ay tinutuligsa, parang wala ng kabuluhan. Kapuso ka ba... Continue Reading →

Assumption Malibay Solidarity Prayer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q0ji1pbh40&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3ZIGdcKb8sQwhn2SVmkgq-ZwXr571RLi5S4NgJJYGTFLsVSEUizq50mhY Marami sa atin ay nababalot ng takot…Kailan ba matatapos and covid-19 na sakit ang dulot?Ang puso natin sa pangamba’y nababalot,Kaya naman sa mga pagkaing temporal karamihay nanghakot… Kahit madame sa atin ay nangangamba,Taimtim kaming mga madre ng Assumption ay nakikiisa,Sa pagsamo ng mga dalangin kami’y napupuno ng pag-asa,Sa mga puso ay nagbibigay sigla…Sa Ama... Continue Reading →


by Francis Miguel Panday Magtataka ka,paligid ay tahimik,ba’t ‘di payapa? Francis is an incoming second year seminarian from the Diocese of Antipolo. *photo by Larry Monserate Piojo

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