You are worth waiting for!

by: Sr. Joy A. De Vera, RA “Sister, I am looking forward on your faithcrumbs reflection!” I received this message from a friend. I was surprised to know that someone out there is waiting for my reflection. It’s been a month since my last article was posted. Most of us, if not all, experienced waiting... Continue Reading →


An Open Expression of the True Situation of the Filipinos in the Philippines Dear Brothers and Sisters: I am writing this to address my Filipino brothers and sisters who are living in the Philippines like me. As I was listening to the 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Duterte, I had the... Continue Reading →

God’s Amazing Waze

By: Sr. Joy A. De Vera, RA One of the best app that I used during my restless years before entering the convent was the WAZE App. It helps me a lot to navigate the best route to take in my lost and found maze especially in Greater Manila Area and other parts of Luzon.... Continue Reading →


Ethiel C. Roxas, aa Reaching the stars that are scattered in the wide skies, Opening hearts and minds where the mystery of life lies. Allowing God’s compassion to cover the strife, Doing God’s will to discover the meaning of life. Learning in this world will give a temporary height, Everything changes at the spark of... Continue Reading →

“Para kanino ka bumabangon”

I can still vividly remember that famous line from a commercial of a coffee product. What arouses (or excites?) us? What keeps us going? What keeps us on track and face the struggles of daily life with confidence and renewed courage? For whom are we sacrificing for? Why do I need to stay at home?... Continue Reading →

Break me into million pieces

by: Sr. Joy A. De Vera, RA I considered our one-day recollection experience in the formation program when I was a Novice as one of my favorites. We had a very unique activity that brought out a lot of reflection within me. It was a game called “Break the Pot” challenge. We are about 80+... Continue Reading →

Ex Umbris Ad Lucem

A Series by Fidel Ala Continuation 2. Abandon This was the earliest encounter with fear my memory permits me to remember. It wasn't with kapres living in our storage area at the back of our garage my brother and I profoundly believe to be there. Certainly was not about the bodega under our staircase at... Continue Reading →

by Mark Vincent Osorio "Love creates an 'us' without destroying a me." - Leo Buscaglia   Mark Vincent Osorio is a third year theology seminarian from San Jose Seminary. He is from the Diocese of Dumaguete. 

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