Francis Miguel Panday

My name is Francis, but I normally go by Pete. I am a seminarian from the Diocese of Antipolo, where I happened to know a fellow brother and one of the founders of faithcrumbs. Currently, I am taking my Philosophy studies at the Immaculate Conception Major Seminary (Philippines).

Prior to my entry, I had a nearly five-year stint as a program officer from a German-funded network of liberal democrats in Asia, which led me to develop a interest in international relations honed by my background in political science. Formally, I took up PoliSci at the University of Santo Tomas and gained graduate units in European Studies from the De La Salle University.

During the latter months of college, I started to acquaint myself with some of the Jesuit brothers and fathers, since I had to interview some of them for my thesis, which then was about an illegally erected economic zone in the Aurora province. That was the start of my occasional visits at the Arvisu House. I was really into it until I needed to choose whether I would proceed to law school, find a work, or pursue my vocation. You know what I later chose.

Even so, the call seemed to be ringing hardly that I finally responded to it. Everything Jesuit seems to have a special place in the growth of my spirituality, even if I’ve gotten away for long. Perhaps, some things are just meant to stay. Now, I get to see more reasons to go back and visit Katipunan.

Finally, thanks to Joseph, I will now be able to systematically gather the “crumbs” that fall from my daily dose of God’s grace, from the master Himself. So, let me share this platform with you as you browse and read our pieces and we, continue to collect them for you.
Lt. Col. Vicky Blancaflor

I am Vicky, ‘Soldier of God – working and fighting for His Agenda’ says my Facebook profile introduction. I am literally a soldier, an Army officer for these past 23 years. I am also 45 and a single mom of two teenage sons.

God’s Agenda, to my mind, has been quite confusing when I look back at my life. ‘What a journey it has been’ says that song. When I was invited to write and share my ‘faithcrumbs’ for this blog. I thought, “What’s this now, Lord? You’ve got to be kidding me.” But in the deepest corner of my mind I know He calls me to write… again. But this time, it will be for Him, about Him and our journey together.

I am an advocate, trainer, ‘disruptor’ and integrator of gender-, culture- and conflict-sensitivity, and human dimension perspectives in developing people and leaders, as well as ideating holistic systems and design thinking paradigms and how they can work to solve real human problems.

I believe God’s plan is about communicating, ingraining and empowering connection, engagement, collaboration, understanding and kindness in all our spheres of influence from our inner self and up-and-outwards to our family, organization, friends, networks, our country, and the societal institutions we inhabit. Whatever I am, when and where – God met me, and is constantly keeping me in His embrace though at times I may not know it.

Right now, God is meeting me here, as imperfect as I am, conflicted and weak. But it is in this crucible I grow more in love with Him, to become the person He wants me to be. And from this day on, I know, what a journey it will be.