Ethiel Canlas Roxas, aa Beyond all things we see today, Everything will change and sway, All that we used to do will passed away, Under the blue skies, God’s creation will renew. This pandemic has been teaching us to consider, Inhaling the “new normal,” looking up beyond there. Fulfilling our purpose of living, United in... Continue Reading →


Ethiel Canlas Roxas, AA Many events happened around us now a days, And the sun seems darkened by their sways. Reckoning the peace our last hope, Yearning that a better tomorrow will help us cope. Morning by morning, the unanswerable question remains, And the problems of life seem to makes us strain. Gladly, our faith... Continue Reading →

Childish and Childlike

15th WEEK IN ORDINARY TIMEMt. 11:25-27 When I got my regular position in my first job (actually my first, last and the only job I had for 7 years), I became the youngest among the group. Being the youngest, my immediate superior would always say openly that I was her favorite. Besides of being hardworking,... Continue Reading →

Soldier of God

by Lt. Col. Vicky Blancaflor For some time, my profile description in Facebook reads “Soldier of God -- Working and Fighting for His Agenda.” In the catechism seminar given before administering the Sacrament of Confirmation, I can only distinctly remember (I was in 5th grade elementary) that after being confirmed, we will become ‘soldiers’ of... Continue Reading →

Something New!

Matthew 11: 25-30Deuteronomy 7: 6-11, Psalm 103: 1-2, 3-4, 6-7, 8, 10, 1 John 4:7-16 What amazes me with children is that they they can learn new – specifically new – things quicker and sometimes better than adults. Adults, on the other hand, have a tendency have a selective or sometimes functional learning attitude. “Will... Continue Reading →

God’s Amazing Waze

By: Sr. Joy A. De Vera, RA One of the best app that I used during my restless years before entering the convent was the WAZE App. It helps me a lot to navigate the best route to take in my lost and found maze especially in Greater Manila Area and other parts of Luzon.... Continue Reading →


Ethiel C. Roxas, aa Reaching the stars that are scattered in the wide skies, Opening hearts and minds where the mystery of life lies. Allowing God’s compassion to cover the strife, Doing God’s will to discover the meaning of life. Learning in this world will give a temporary height, Everything changes at the spark of... Continue Reading →


Ethiel C. Roxas, aa Make us sacred, O Heart of Jesus, Symbol of your presence and power. Let the fire that comes from your love, Clear my mind and transform my life. O Heart that never falter to heal, Grant me serenity to seek your will. O Heart that is human and fragile, Teach me... Continue Reading →


Ethiel Roxas, aa Caring for the whole creation, Christ came and embrace the world, Hallowing everything for the sake of His work. Remembering the purpose He made all these creatures, In the bottom of His Being, his love overflows. Seeing at a time, what He created went astray, Time had witnessed His coming to show... Continue Reading →


One God, Three Divine Persons "Three Persons who are one God because the Father is love, the Son is love, the Spirit is love. God is wholly and only love, the purest, infinite and eternal love. He does not live in splendid solitude but rather is an inexhaustible source of life that is ceaselessly given and... Continue Reading →

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