Minimum: Gratitude

Reflection: Third Sunday of Easter (18 April 2021) Minimum: Gratitude by Francis Miguel Panday It is not unknown to many, especially to those within our humble circle, that a third of our population in the seminary had been infected by COVID-19. One common reaction that rose aside from gloom was shock, paving the way for... Continue Reading →

A “New Normal” Prayer

by Ethiel Roxas, AA Never did it cross my fragile and restless mind, O Jesus,Even in my dreams and horizon of my understanding,What is happening in my world today, the virus, and the challenges I am facing. Nevertheless, O my Lord, I know You are almighty,Our Victor over death, pain, uncertainty and calumny.Resurrection, love and... Continue Reading →

Christ is Our Light

by: Br. Eddienel Villa, SSS It seems that the world is enveloped with darkness because of the pandemic called COVID-19. We can see in the news the increasing number of cases which grows exponentially every day. We hear of stories of deaths including those we call frontliners, those in the medical field, in our battle... Continue Reading →


by Ethiel Canlas Lord, allow us to open our hearts to you, Over our worries and fear a new. Comfort us with your gentle words, King of our lives, bless our plans, thoughts and words. Downcast is our souls with the uncertainties of life, Order us to live each day without the strife. Watch over... Continue Reading →


by Ethiel Canlas Roxas, AA Create a deeper awareness in me, O Lord,Over all that is happening in my world.Recreate in me a new spirit,Overwhelm me with the power of your Holy Spirit.Nurture in me a loving heart for the world,Always open to love, specially the poor and old. Vividly, call me on my knees... Continue Reading →


by Lt. Col. Vicky Blancaflor Beloved During the early days of quarantine, I joined an online retreat with the Companions of the Redeemer that used the 30-day Ignatian Spiritual Exercises as the template of reflection. Being invited to join was a pure grace for me, happening in this trying times where people’s fears were magnified... Continue Reading →

Tita Jenny’s Trust in God

As a a nurse working in the intensive care unit...I have fears...I feel anxoius...I struggle to go to work...I struggle to wear and work with PPE for many hours BUT today I was reminded that instead of Looking down...I need to LOOK up and PRAY MORE and TRUST GOD🙏❤️ To be:  T-thankful and grateful... Continue Reading →

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