You are worth waiting for!

by: Sr. Joy A. De Vera, RA “Sister, I am looking forward on your faithcrumbs reflection!” I received this message from a friend. I was surprised to know that someone out there is waiting for my reflection. It’s been a month since my last article was posted. Most of us, if not all, experienced waiting... Continue Reading →

Restless Heart

by Francis Miguel Panday In a time of pandemic, locked down in their homes, being lawfully enforced to quarantine themselves from substantially everything, one might not easily buy someone’s vocation story. But as unoccupied as anybody else, I wrote this hoping I could start off with my life as I cross another year in the... Continue Reading →


I remember my spiritual director during my 30-day Ignatian retreat talking about "crumbs." In her attempt to encourage me to journal my prayers during the retreat, she likened journal entries to the act of saving the little crumbs that fall-off from eating bread or biscuits. She said that I don't have to compose full written... Continue Reading →

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