Minimum: Gratitude

Reflection: Third Sunday of Easter (18 April 2021) Minimum: Gratitude by Francis Miguel Panday It is not unknown to many, especially to those within our humble circle, that a third of our population in the seminary had been infected by COVID-19. One common reaction that rose aside from gloom was shock, paving the way for... Continue Reading →

When You’re Ready

by Joseph Vincent Borres When you’re ready I’ll take you farFor you I’m waiting patientlyIt is I you long to seeWhen you go astray, let it beBut know that when you call on meI will rush like wind silentlyWhen you’re afraid don’t be unfreeFind your courage and be at peaceIt is I your Lord and... Continue Reading →

A Piece of Reality

by Ethiel Roxas, AA A PIECE OF REALITYEthiel Roxas, aa “Life”, they say “is short and passing,”But as I see it, “Death comes only once and life is long-lasting.”It is only in the eyes of who is looking,To see reality from the point of thinking. To say that life is full of pain is bias,To... Continue Reading →

Are you available?

By: Sr. Joy A. De Vera Have you tried going to the supermarket/mall to buy something and was frustrated because the brand or product you want is not available? The tendency then is to try another option. You will buy what is available so as not to waste time. This is the reason why “out... Continue Reading →

Ex Umbris Ad Lucem

A series by Fidel Ala Dragonflies When my dear friend Joseph asked me to be part of this endeavor, I was in my mind reluctant, very reluctant at first. I considered myself not religious enough to have a definitive opinion or testimony about my journey in the faith beyond that which I have acquired through... Continue Reading →

Of Crazy Decisions and Coming Home

Written by Johanne Arceo The 18th afternoon of chilly January 2018 saw me on an unusually nostalgic state. I was packing up my things after a day’s work, ready to begin my 30-minute walk from Ateneo to our house, when it suddenly hit me that it was not just another ordinary day. That day marked... Continue Reading →

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