Vine and Branches

by Ethiel Roxas,aa I am the vine and you are the branches,Everything you do depends on your choices.Jesus is the vine and we are the branches,If we stick by His side, we will never feel meaningless aches. The soil where the vine was planted,Is a gift from a God who never regretted.Though many branches do... Continue Reading →

A “New Normal” Prayer

by Ethiel Roxas, AA Never did it cross my fragile and restless mind, O Jesus,Even in my dreams and horizon of my understanding,What is happening in my world today, the virus, and the challenges I am facing. Nevertheless, O my Lord, I know You are almighty,Our Victor over death, pain, uncertainty and calumny.Resurrection, love and... Continue Reading →

A Piece of Reality

by Ethiel Roxas, AA A PIECE OF REALITYEthiel Roxas, aa “Life”, they say “is short and passing,”But as I see it, “Death comes only once and life is long-lasting.”It is only in the eyes of who is looking,To see reality from the point of thinking. To say that life is full of pain is bias,To... Continue Reading →

They walk with a weight of another’s heart beating. Now we remember.


by Lt. Col. Vicky Blancaflor Beloved During the early days of quarantine, I joined an online retreat with the Companions of the Redeemer that used the 30-day Ignatian Spiritual Exercises as the template of reflection. Being invited to join was a pure grace for me, happening in this trying times where people’s fears were magnified... Continue Reading →


by Cielo Sarno Nabalot ng dilim, may sikat man ng araw.Maalab kong puso, nilamon ng ginaw.Bakal na kasuotan, sa takot ay nalusaw.Pangakong paghayo, ‘di maaninag, ‘di matanaw. Diwa ko’y nalunod sa hapdi ng Iyong paglisan.Nananaghoy ang pusong balot sa kalungkutan.Saysay ng aking Pagsunod naglaho ang kahulugan.Galak ng alala Mo’y tinangay ng kamatayan. Tumalikod sa Iyo,... Continue Reading →


by Francis Miguel Panday Sa labing-apat na buwanna hindi pagbuhos ng ulan,unti-unting nagbubuwag-buwagmga pira-piraso ng lupang naduwag. Gabi noon, nang muling magparamdam;nagbadyang muling makialam,magdulot ng bagong pakiramdamitong ulan na naglaho nang walang paalam. Mga patak na noo’y pigil na pigil,ngayo’y handang maningil.Kahit anong iwas ang gawinbabagsak at babagksak pa rinsa lupang hindi magtatagal aylilisanin pa... Continue Reading →


by Francis Miguel Panday I wanted to write something about lockdown, especially for a Filipino.Where do I even begin to write about the saddest summer of who-knows-when? Where do I find it in myself to start saying that I now dread these humid afternoons when I binge eat and watch series or download what would... Continue Reading →

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