by Mark Vincent Osorio "Love creates an 'us' without destroying a me." - Leo Buscaglia   Mark Vincent Osorio is a third year theology seminarian from San Jose Seminary. He is from the Diocese of Dumaguete. 


by Jenmar "Tito" Verzola "Kas tay ugsa nga agsapul ti danum kasta met ti kararuak a mawaw kenka Apo" Gapu iti agdama nga agraraira nga sakit ket maipagel ti anyaman a kita ti panag-uummung maibilang ti panag-gimong. Numan pay ta adda dagiti misa nga mabuya babaen ti moderno nga teknolohiya, saan na daytoy a masukatan... Continue Reading →


I remember my spiritual director during my 30-day Ignatian retreat talking about "crumbs." In her attempt to encourage me to journal my prayers during the retreat, she likened journal entries to the act of saving the little crumbs that fall-off from eating bread or biscuits. She said that I don't have to compose full written... Continue Reading →

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