Joseph Vincent Borres
Founder & Managing Editor

I’m a former  international charity worker to the United Kingdom under the Associate Missionaries of the Assumption (AMA)  program for two years. There, I taught English to Syrian refugees while serving in a community center and in a children’s charity organization. I also accompanied Filipino migrant workers in the UK.  It was a life of a pilgrim.

I’ve been with the Jesuits since 2009, when I entered Ateneo de Manila University as a college student. They taught me to always seek “magis” or simply, “the more loving option.” There, I met companions in the journey with whom I share “faithcrumbs” from time to time.  Our co-founder Fidel is my philosophy blockmate and a good friend. Johanne, another co-founder, and I are alumni of Ateneo Student Catholic Action. Our contributing editor, Aloy is my teammate in the School of Management.

And you! You are our new companion. Feel free to partake of the crumbs.
Fidel Guzman Ala
Co-founder and Contributing Editor

I’m Fidel! To the aviation industry, I am known as a Second Officer for the Airbus Wide Body Division, flying the Airbus 330s and 350s for our country’s flag carrier, Philippine Airlines. But in here, with you, I am simply your brother in Christ in search for some meaning to our experiences, sufferings, accomplishments, joys and sorrows.

For most of my childhood I can remember, being part of The Archconfraternity of St. Stephen, I served as an altar boy in our parish memorizing the responses of the mass, the prayers and everything in between in Latin. After which I slightly took a detour being more interested in something else more worldly. But not to worry for I also found my way back to serving every year during the holy week in the Church of the Gesu inside the Ateneo Campus. And it has been a bit of a “panata” for me ever since I started.

I finished all my schooling from Ateneo De Manila University and graduated as a Philosophy Major. Through those years, I have been close to my Jesuit mentors, teachers, principals, classmates and friends. One of them is my dear friend Joseph, to whom I am thankful for in sharing this endeavor with me albeit only keeping in touch once in a while to throw stories, questions, wonders, clarifications and frustrations regarding our faith in the air to struggle with them only to find more understanding, and more questions yet again.

I treasure these once-in-a-whiles finding in them wonderful and fruitful eureka moments regarding the mysteries of life’s joys and sufferings over a dram of whisky or a bottle of beer. For these truly are once-in-a-whiles. Being in a very much technical field, flying the most advanced behemoths 10,000 miles across the earth, with speeds up to Mach 0.85 and from 43,000 ft high, these conversations are all I have that aren’t about fuel consumption, approach capabilities, or aerodrome visibilities.

So here we are now. However small they may be, stories questions and small eureka moments are my way of reaching you and in my search for our lord I hope to share with you glimpses of my humble experiences with Him, as your brother in Christ all the way to 43,000 ft above.
Johanne Lorren Arceo
Co-Founder and Contributing Editor

I’m Johanne! I’m currently a part-time Theology lecturer at Ateneo de Manila University teaching Catholic Social Vision to college sophomores, the assistant director of Catholic Safeguarding Institute, and formator of Ateneo Student Catholic Action. I am also studying systematic theology in Loyola School of Theology. During my free time, I enjoy having coffee with friends while discussing themes of liberation theology hidden in Netflix films and Korean dramas.

After graduating from the School of Management in ADMU, I spent a year volunteering in Cagayan de Oro under the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines. I was assigned to help create livelihood programs for the survivors of Typhoon Sendong in a resettlement site. It was there where I finally gave in to God’s consistent prodding that my life’s purpose is to play with children and tell stories, literally and figuratively.

I ventured into the development sector and the corporate world for a while but found myself crawling back to the “Hill” after 3 years, initially to be a Campus Minister. Today, I teach about oppressive social structures and preferential option for the poor both inside and outside the classroom. I guess God draws straight with crooked lines.

I’ve always wondered what people mean when they say they want to change the world. Now I’m convinced that the best way to do it is to play with children and tell stories, literally and figuratively.
Allister Roy Chua
Contributing Editor

Hi, I’m Aloy! I’m a social entrepreneur who co-founded the Roots Collective, a blended platform to nurture and grow local, social, and community-based entrepreneurs via market access and capacity-building. I’m also a writer with my own site, The Daily Aloy, where I write about living a truly best and purpose-driven life.

On the surface, one would think me very devout or deboto, but the truth is I’m debo-debotohan or deboto-kuno. I’m the only Catholic in my family, I don’t go to Mass every Sunday, I always fail to set aside or make time for quality prayer… yet I am proud to be Christian. To paraphrase St. Paul, God’s love is all what we can brag about. I was never truly devout or spiritual growing up, and I had a faith crisis when I was twenty-four, but thanks to a series of serendipitous events, I rediscovered my Church and now happily live as one “of little faith”. (Help my unbelief, Lord.)

 I’ve been Jesuit-brainwashed since I was five, studying in Xavier School for all thirteen of my preparatory school years, and then in the Ateneo de Manila University for all four tertiary years. I graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in management, majoring in legal management, and minors in French and Chinese studies. Jesuit philosophies heavily influence my perspectives, as I learned in The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything.

I love to travel, to read, to write, to sing, to style, to cook, and to dream. I like boots, gadgets and neat stuff, music, video games, books, languages, architecture, and nature.
Let’s talk about love, faith, and everything in between, perhaps over a cuppa.
To your Truly Best Life!
Sr. Fatima Joy of Jesus
Contributing Editor

Hi, I’m Sr. Fatima Joy of Jesus Christ (my religious name). I’m a junior sister from the Religious of the Assumption. I’m also a student in Loyola School of Theology. You can call me Sr. Joy, because according to Pope Francis, “Where there are Religious, there is Joy”. I just want to share in this new media evangelization platform “the joys of being a millennial nun”.

I had a profound conversion experience that led me to unstoppably drop everything and follow the way of poverty, obedience and chastity. From being a corporate slave from 2006-2016, a goal-oriented career woman in the past, I was transformed to become Jesus Christ freak. I am not a product of any Catholic institution. I joined many other Christian denomination, but God is good in alluring me to go back in my true Catholic home. I graduated from a Methodist University (Wesleyan University-Philippines) in the province of Nueva Ecija with the degree Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. But since I was involved in the corporate world, I had my further study in Management at University of the Philippines Diliman extension Program in Pampanga.

In 2013, I became actively involved in Singles for Christ to do mission pastoral work and later on started organizing a volunteer program called “Project Share Joy” with the main goal of sharing the Eucharist to the Indigenous Aetas, Cancer Kids patients, the Elderly and Typhoon victims. My fast-paced life turned contemplative in action Religious nun is a total turn around. From being typically “kikay” and vain, the veil becomes my comfort to cover my bad hair days. No more parlor to spend the whole day confusing whether if I want my hair curly, long or straight. But my time is filled with God’s business on how to extend His kingdom in every possible way. I’m a strong believer and a fan of God’s Amazing Grace and so my heart will never get tired to proclaim, “All comes from Jesus Christ, all belong to Jesus Christ, all must be for Jesus Christ”. I may have a modern background in my past life but the Lord recreates my heart and spirit to discover and rejoice in His gift of providing me words to compose deep and meaningful “tagalog poetry” about my experiences of faith, hope and love that I want to share with all of you!
Mark Anthony Muya
Technical Editor and Contributor

Hello there! It is good to be here with the international community of Brother Joseph’s friends! By the way, I am Anton, a trying-to-be tech-savvy here at San Jose Seminary.

I will try to share my little techie-knowledge in developing this growing site where our wonderful companionship come together. As we share the crumbs of our faith, I will be glad to hear from you with your suggestions and comments to aid our journey in making our avenues go better.

Thanks to the power of internet connectivity! Though we are physically far away from each other, the internet enables us to become united as we desire to share in this one world, one spirit, one love, and gathered crumbs of faith.

Jan Warren Varquez
Contributing Editor